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You can take the girl out of the mountains...

And somehow Tara was able to clean me up, upgrade me, and dress me for my new life and career in DC. 

Tara brings great value with her expertise and efficiency. 

And she's gorgeous.

Consultant from Colorado – now living in Alexandra, VA


The summer before I moved to London, Tara helped me update my wardrobe.

She came over, looked at my wardrobe and very quickly (but gently!)  told me what I should get rid of, what I should keep and what I needed to complete my closet.

Then we went shopping, and the real magic really happened.  I learned how to shop with a vision.  Tara pulled some basics, some dressier, more original pieces, and shoes and accessories to complete the various looks.  She showed me how to dress up and dress down, using the same pieces.  

I arrived in London, which turns out to be an incredibly well-dressed city, and transitioned right in.  If it weren't for Tara, I'd feel like a slob.  It's amazing how I can open up my closet, and without thinking too much about it, pick an outfit for whatever the occasion.  I have never had an "I don't know what to wear" moment since shopping with Tara, and that's pretty amazing in a city like London.

I'm definitely doing this again!

Georgetown to London, England


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